ScissorFoxes 31 Jan 2023

Scissor Queen - Scissor Lightning Challenge 28


One of your favorite couples is back and this time, Scissor Queen decided to be even meaner to her boyfriend. We gave them the idea to do a Scissor Lightning Challenge and boy did she have fun with it. The joy she gets from watching her boyfriend make pathetic attempts at escaping her scissors is priceless. He only has one minute to get out of each of her holds or suffer through 10 seconds of full pressure. The panic this girl could get out of her victim is unreal, and watch how happy she is when she knocks him out. Don’t forget, Scissor Queen has been a gymnast, dancer, ballerina and a cheerleader. This guy never stood a chance. With her new platinum blonde hair and sadistic smile, paired with her confident attitude, get ready to fall in love with Scissor Queen all over again. And yes, we have more videos coming! Make sure to check out their store (link posted on her profile page).

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