gymnasium 22 Apr 2022

Athena2: Debra ROCK HARD

If you thought the video of Debra beating Charlie in welding service was DEVASTATING, think again!! In all of my years in this industry, I have never witnessed such a brutal, sadistic, intensive, mind-blowing beating as I did with this video. Debra held nothing back and beat this man within an inch of his life!! Unbelievable head scissoring of every kind is just amazing to see. Her muscles flex and squeeze with such overwhelming power, there is no one on this planet who can take Debra's squeeze!!
Debra needed her carpets cleaned and called upon a cleaning service to come to do it. After being quoted a very high price she realized that it was the same man who tried to cheat her on the welding service. I want to say that this video is not for the weak of heart!! Charlie is beaten senseless and without any mercy. I truly do not know how he took this kind of punishment throughout this video. My hat is off to this man. Debra without a doubt is the mass muscle champion of squeeze!! She also does her famous luscious facesitting, grapevine humping, and grinding, this video has it all!! I tell you do not delay ordering this video as it is just pure dynamite!!

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