ScissorFoxes 28 Apr 2023

Skylar Rene - The Knockout Therapist 2


Who here has a scissor addiction? Well, if you’re reading this, chances are you do. Skylar Rene has just what you need. She has perfected her therapy, but some of her colleagues say it’s a little too extreme. Witness this recording of her patient Shawn who shares his deepest secret of how when he sees women with strong thighs in public, he fantasizes about them wrapping their legs around him and squeezing him. Something many of us can relate. Skylar stands up and slowly removes her skirt. She then traps his head between her silky pantyhose covered thighs, enacting his fantasy, but as the session goes on, the pressure increases. She really makes him enjoy being squeezed between her power legs and making him feel completely helpless between them, but the most important part of the therapy is the ending. After the pleasure comes the pain. She traumatizes him by telling him that she’s going to knock him out while he’s unable to escape. Before he can even object to it, Skylar constricts her glutes and puts him to sleep. He’ll have to return for a few more appointments before he’s fully cured. Are you ready to sign up for Skylar’s knockout therapy?

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