Lily 21 Feb 2021

Preview of Wrestling and Smothering at the Party


Here’s a mixed wrestling video with mae hadaka jime or guillotine, reverse facesitting pin, reverse headscissor with knockout, two ude gatame or vertical armbars, smothering schoolgirl pincount, side headscissor with knockout, complex and very painful figure four leglock, layover ude garame or Americana and finally a long facesitting schoolgirl pin with a very sexy knockout.

I’ve found a nice, quiet room to take a quick break from a noisy party. When I walk in, there’s a man sitting on the sofa and he’s watching mixed wrestling on his phone. I tell him I like to wrestle and I’d take him on. He refuses saying he’s too big and would humiliate me. That gets my back up and I goad him until he agrees.

We’re on our knees facing each other, ready to start and I say, “Fair fight,” and put my hand out to shake his. He takes my hand and I pull him into a tight mae hadaka jime or guillotine. I quickly compress his throat and drop back to crank his neck. This brings an instant tap from him but I hold it a little longer and then roll him onto his back.

In his dazed state, he can’t resist me sitting on his face in a perfect reverse facesitting smother with my tight skirt riding up and my white silky panties covering his face. I wiggle my bottom on his face and taunt him as he tries to unseat me then while he struggles under me, I transition to a reverse headscissor and tighten my strong thighs around his neck.
I really squeeze him tightly and he moans and tries to get free. I hold him like this as he taps his submission but I just laugh at him and tighten further and knock him out. He comes to with me on top of him with his left arm in ude gatame or vertical armbar. I love this hold and get turned on watching him writhe in agony underneath.

He taps but I don’t relent and he groans and taps again. I tell him I’ll let his arm free if he gives me the other one. As he tries to fight, I crank up the pressure on his left arm and he immediately surrenders his right arm. To punish him I keep him in a double armbar and listen to him groaning in agony as he frantically submits.

When I reckon his arms are useless, I drop them and move into a facesitting schoolgirl pin. With his arms helpless he is mine to play with so I wriggle sexily on his face, taunt him and then do a pin-count to five. With the gusset of my white panties on his face, he has to look up past them into my eyes as I tease him and count him out.

When I’ve finished counting him out and humiliating him, I roll into a side headscissor so I can torment him with some real pain. Oh god, I love it! Once I’m in position, I grab his head and pull his face into my pussy so I can smother him as I squeeze him. And squeeze his neck is what I do. He looks at me and tries desperately to tap out and all I do is laugh and shake my head. He gets even more desperate and I look him deep in his eyes and tell him I’m going to knock him out. He groans as I arch my back and pour on the power and soon he is out like a light.

Now, I roll him on his belly and put him in a complex figure four leg lock that ends up with me sitting on his lower back with his legs trapped by mine in a very painful lock. I’ve even got one of his arms trapped under my stiletto. As he wakes up, I lean back and push his face into the carpet and taunt the hell out of him as I sit on top of him and turn his legs into a source of agony. This hold is normally used for a quick submission but I drag his agony out for two whole minutes as I sit on top of him and manipulate his knee joints to make him tap and tap and tap. While he does, I thank him for not humiliating me! I absolutely love being on top, making my victim beg.

When his legs are as useless as his arms, I roll him over and put him an Americana which is a layover ude garame. It’s quite intimate and my face is close to his which allows me to whisper taunts at him as I lever his shoulder into a wonderful world of pain. By now he is racked in pain as I’ve hyperextended joints on his legs and arms and now I’m wrecking his shoulder. I look into his eyes and can see that he’s completely beaten and has no resistance left.

So, it’s time for a long schoolgirl pin so I can reinforce his subjugation. I arrange his useless arms under my knees and shins and settle on his face in a complete smother with his nose neatly tucked into my pussy. I love finishing my victim off like this and look down at him and make it clear that I’m better than him and that I’ve beaten him up. I even flex my biceps to show him I’m on top.

To finish him off, I make sure my pussy and bottom cover his nose and mouth and he can’t breathe and tell him I’m going to knock him out again. I start counting backwards from 100 like doctors do in hospital and look into his eyes as he tries unsuccessfully to breathe. As I’m counting, his eyes glaze and he starts to fade and around 92 he’s obviously knocked out. To be sure and because I’m a bully I keep sitting on his face and count down into the eighties and then get up and rejoin the party.

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stephen lang
stephen lang 3 years ago

I wish you were in Australia Miss Lilly

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Lily 3 years ago

I am. xxxx

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bartos 3 years ago

beautiful Lil, thanks shiploads for sharing.

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