ScissorFoxes 18 Jan 2022

Raven Wild - Pay-Per-Taps 2


The only thing Raven loves as much as scissoring a guy mercilessly is money. She tricks her friend into playing a game where every time she makes him tap out to her scissors, he owes her 20 dollars. This is a very dangerous game to play with Raven as her scissors are ridiculously strong and the tighter she squeezes, the more it turns her on. She has him tapping so often that she may actually drain his entire bank account. When he tries to stop himself from tapping, he ends up passing out instead. Raven decides to add a new rule and charges him 50 dollars every time she knocks him out. It’s actually more profitable for her to put him out than to make him tap so now she’s got a new goal. She ends up knocking him out again. At the end, he’s indebted to her $600 so Raven tells him that if she knocks him out one last time with her reverse, it will cost him $400 to make the grand total one thousand. Before he has a chance to refuse, Raven locks on tight and doesn’t let go until he’s out again. She strikes a victory pose then hops off of his belly with absolute joy. Wanna play?

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