Lily 06 Sep 2023

Bare Pussy Eliminator preview


He’s at my mercy lying on the floor having a nap with me standing over him. As he wakes up I sit down on his chest. I’m wearing a delightful summer frock and I tease him before sliding forward onto his neck. I have a surprise for him and I pull back my skirt to show that my pussy is bare, no panties and no pantyhose. The surprise on his face is exactly what I wanted.

Before he can react. I move forward until I’m sitting on his face and wriggle on his nose until it slips between my wet pussy lips so I can smother him. And I stay like that for the whole movie with his face buried in my bare pussy smothering him in the sexiest schoolgirl pin you could imagine!

We both work at the same company and I tell him that the boss wants me to punish him like this. I look down into his frightened eyes and softly laugh as I make it clear that he’s going to stay under my bare pussy as long as I want. This makes him try to struggle and I move his arms up beside his head and trap them inside my thighs.

Because he struggled, I tie his wrists with the pantyhose I’d taken off before he woke up and taunt him that he can’t move and has a woman sitting on his face smothering him. Then I laugh at him and tell him he’s not getting away while I tighten my thighs around his face. To make his position even worse, I wriggle his nose further into my wet pussy and laugh at him.

Then follows a long teasing facesitting smother as I taunt and tease him that I’m going to stay sitting on his face and smother him. I have him so tightly pinned that he can’t move and can barely sneak any air between my pussy lips and any air he gets is full of my pussy scents.

Next I shock him and tell him I’m going to eliminate him. He moans as I arrange my pussy around his nose and spread my bottom cheeks around his mouth. He begs me with his eyes as I continue with my fatal smother and as he stops moving I cum on his face.

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TallTman64 2 months ago

damn !!! lucky man !!!

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Casey 5 months ago

To be "punished"like that by you Lily, is a real privilege

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Casey 6 months ago

Again a fantastic video Lily

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6 months ago

Having the male's face under the female's pussy is the preferred and natural place for his face

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Lily 6 months ago

I fully agree.

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