ScissorFoxes 06 Jun 2023

KO Girl - Knockout Machine 18


It’s right in the name, so it was just a matter of time. KO Girl is our latest Knockout Machine and with thighs as thick and muscular as hers, there’s no way out but dreamland. She’s determined to get as many knockouts on Kris in 10 minutes while savoring every moment. Knockout after knockout, she explains how easily she can put him out at any given time, using her python grip. She even manages to put him out in some interesting holds, including a front and back standing scissors, which she calls the watermelon special. She even knocks him out with a reverse figure-4 and schoolgirl pin figure-4, something we’ve never seen before. In total, Kortney gets 7 knockouts, which is why they call her KO Girl. Enjoy!

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