ScissorFoxes 29 Apr 2022

Jolene Hexx - Mortal Kombat: Sonya Blade Fatality!


Jolene's last Mortal Kombat match was a huge hit, and we received tons of great feedback. We couldn't wait to do another with her. As luck would have it, she recently sent us a picture of her Sonya Blade outfit she had put together and we knew we had to do this. We had tons of requests to do more Sonya Blade so this was a match made in heaven. There is so much kick-ass awesomeness in this video and Jolene looks sexy as hell doing it. Her thighs are as lethal as ever as she thrusts his neck and body violently and repeatedly between them. She finishes him off in the first round with a reverse headscissor KO. Watch her start off round 2 with a round house kick to the face which makes him drop to his knees. She mounts his neck with a standing headscissor, showing off her incredible booty. After a onslaught of scissor mayhem, it's time for her famous FATALITY! She locks on a perfect handstand headscissor (just like in the video game and movie), brings him to the ground, and unleashes numerous front headscissor neck breakers in full fury. Jolene stands up, strikes a victory pose and says: "Sonya Blade always wins. Who's next?" You don't want to miss this!

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