ScissorFoxes 08 Apr 2022

Rage Shieldmaiden - Scissor Lightning Challenge 24


The LAST thing you should ever do is tell Rage that her legs are skinny and weak. This guy actually has the balls to say this to her face and what happens next, well, let’s just say he’s lucky to be alive. After all, they don’t call her Rage for nothing. This is by far one of the most brutal punishments that we’ve ever seen and she really makes him regret saying those words. Aside from making him scream in agony and ignoring his taps repeatedly, she knocks him out for a total of 7 times! She totally makes an example out of him. This video quickly changes from a Scissor Lightning Challenge to a game of survival. We don’t know what he was thinking but what she puts him through is off the charts. Her legs are so strong that she manages to knock him out within seconds as she promised. Watch his entire body slam to the floor when she KOs him in a standing scissor. He often wakes up with her ass in his face as a sign of dominance or getting slapped in the face with her hand or foot. After the last KO, she strikes a victory pose in the splits across his neck. Please watch this before ever insulting Rage’s legs if you value your life. We can’t recommend this video enough.

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pussypower44 1 year ago

sexy,powerfull,and dangerous...poor guy

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