soma 11 Jun 2024

Big male's muscles are not enough to defeat karate female DOA


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Charlie_Bravo 5 days ago

That's what I like. When it's a cute chick beating the crap out of muscular man. Did he die in the fall?

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soma 4 days ago

No he felt in a swimming pool

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Charlie_Bravo 3 days ago

@soma: Oh... That's a shame. Wish he had fallen to his death.

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6 days ago

❤️New Porn Game 2024) Who's playing it now? Help me get through it ➤

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jp272727 7 days ago

I was so angry when I saw what they did with these characters costumes.
Would have been too hot to give these girls something more revealing (legs) just like in the games...
Instead of that we have some seductive average scenes with lingerie for the "erotic" content...
But what fans want is hot costumes moments during fights...
Actually Black Mirror's episode "Striking Vipers" was a way MORE SEXY and ACCURATE DOA style than this movie...

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