ScissorFoxes 24 Nov 2023

Pink Doll - The Smother and Facesitting Therapist 2


It’s no surprise that once we featured Pink Doll on ScissorFoxes, there would be a large fan base begging to see some facesitting. After all, she’s got an outstanding booty that can swallow your entire face and have you at her complete mercy to breathe. Air deprivation can be quite the therapy for someone who has booty on their mind every second of every day, like her patient Trent here. It’s taken over his entire life, so Pink Doll decides to remedy him the best way she knows how. She buries his face deep into her chest and ass. She makes sure she has him scared before allowing him to breathe again. Afterward, she uses some scissor holds to get his heart pumping. Once in her reverse headscissors, he has no choice but to stare at her ass as he struggles for air. Pink Doll clenches her cheeks and puts him right out. He opens his eyes and her ass is covering his face. What a way to wake up. This session was very successful, but just to be sure, she orders him to come back in 2 days. There’s still much more “work” to be done. Enjoy!

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MartialArtsLover43 3 months ago

Pink Doll has beautiful and opulent shapes!

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