xteyg 20 Nov 2023

jade: day to be remembered (scissorplanet) AI upscaled


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michelbobby 8 months ago

The video begins with this phone call from Jade. In doing so, she shows us her femininity, sensually lengthens her ambes, crosses them... It reminds us that women like to cross their legs, and show their femininity, when they feel "comfortable". What follows will be a succession of "crossed legs" but this time to dominate and chisel the poor guy who comes to annoy him. It is therefore the demonstration of the "feminine force": the power of seduction, which is illustrated here. This makes the video even more sensual. I love Jade's outfit: black outfit at the top, and her gorgeous bare legs at the bottom. His white legs that contrast perfectly with the opponent's grey-black outfit. This strength that emerges with this femininity is like "magical". Jade is like Nancy: she is as sensual as she is lethal. As feminine as it is strong. And they wonderfully combine the "feminine crossing of the legs"

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MartialArtsLover43 8 months ago

Extra video!

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