ScissorFoxes 09 Apr 2021

Mia Annabella - Scissor Lightning Challenge 18


If you’ve ever been at the receiving end of Mia’s scissorholds, then you know just how incredibly strong they are. When we worked with her 3 years ago, Jay was shocked as Mia put him through the ringer and knocked him out numerous times. Now, thanks to our dear friend Skylar who filmed this video for us, you’re about to see Mia unleash her full power on poor Ed. At first, he starts off cocky and teases that he will easily escape her holds but that comes back to bite him big time! Not only can he not escape but has to endure Mia’s full power squeeze every time he fails. She ends up knocking him out 4 times in the process. Almost every KO is from her reverse which is by far one of the strongest and she knows it. Some of them are by accident but the last one is certainly a show you don’t want to miss. She lets him know that he’s going for a nap and then clamps on for a long time, making sure he’s way out. She puts her foot on his chest, strikes a victory pose and says: “That’s how I like them, nice and passed out and drooling.”

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HAZARD5 1 month ago

Mia is always been a great wrestler and she will dominate any male on the mat...

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