kinksports 12 Nov 2023

19 Year Old Girl Defeats 39 Year Old Man with Acrobatic Headscissors


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Natalia uses her flexibility to wrap her strong thighs around Kevin's neck and squeeze him into submission.

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sb169898 5 months ago

That combination rear headscissors and bearhug is absolutely deadly. As in the video a girl at least 4"shorter and 100lbs lighter than me was losing pretty badly. I was on my knees and Joanne out of nowhere wrapped her legs around my neck and locked her arms around my stomach. Again, like the video I was able to stay on my knees for a while but Joanne started really putting the pressure on. I was forced off my knees and I laid on my side I was still caught in her headscissors and bearhug. She would wait until I let out a breath and tighten the bearhug which eventually made breathing almost impossible. When I let out a small gasp she grabbed both elbows and crushed my lasr breath out and tightened the headscissoors until I screamed my submission. However, Joanne held even more tightly than she did before I gave up. I was scared. I coulbn't breath and Joanne switced to a rear figure 4 headscissors which was much worse. I actually started crying and Joanne finally let me go. It was by far one of the most devastating holds I've ever been in. I shudder to think what a tall , very athletic girl could do with the same hold.

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Bebo_Xenon 7 months ago

love her sexy thighs

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strguy 7 months ago

so sexy. she's not only smaller but 20 yrs younger and able to strangle him with her sexy legs in that hold.

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Sexymoyna 7 months ago

Natalia rocks. She is strong, sexy and skilled grappler

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Bebo_Xenon 7 months ago

perfect hold

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