ScissorFoxes 28 Apr 2021

Jayde - Police Academy: Combat Training


Jayde aka Officer Hot Stuff (which is what they call her around the precinct), is always looking for someone to challenge her in combat. She usually finds a new guy from the academy working out in the gym. They always underestimate her because of her size and gender but she just loves proving them wrong. As you can tell from her training uniform, she loves showing off her legs. She never skips leg day and she’s about to demonstrate her power on a male officer twice her size. She quickly maneuvers him into a standing headscissor and gives him a small sample of what she can do. Jayde then pulls him to the ground where she starts doing some real damage. With his skull squished between her thighs and his arms locked by hers, he finds himself in a real embarrassing situation. To make matters worse, Jayde makes him admit that girls are stronger and if he resists, she just squeezes harder until he says it. She really enjoys messing with men. She hasn’t met one that has been able to withstand her scissors. “Do you think you’ll learn your lesson if I knock you out?” she says while holding him in a reverse headscissor. His eyes blow wide open in fear in hopes that she doesn’t go through with it but she does and slowly squeezes tighter and tighter until he goes out. She strikes a victory pose over him and asks him one more time: “Who’s stronger” and without hesitation he responds “You’re stronger”. “That’s right” she says with a smirk on her face, flexing her muscles. Who’s ready to take on Office Hot Stuff?

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