Lily 21 Mar 2021

Preview of Victorious Lily


Heres a collection of victory poses from six scenarios both standing and sitting. I sit on my victim on a bed to celebrate beating him. Im wearing soft, silky white panties and a black shirt as I sit fully on his face and taunt him while I pose for the camera.

Next he is on his back on the floor while I pose all over him at the end of a long days video shooting. I use him as a seat and a foot rest while I talk down to him. Then we see my victim flat on his back again on the floor while his miniskirted secretary stands over him and gloats about having trounced him. She puts her foot on his chest and tells him how shes taking over now.

There are upskirt shots showing her tiny black panties while she stands astride him and reminds him he is now subject to panty power. Then to the world of rock where a leather jacketed female rocker has just beaten the hot favourite in a guitar playoff and she celebrates at his expense. Standing over him with one foot on his chest and her Gibson Les Paul in her hands, she reminds him that she outplayed him and his time is over.

Back to another domestic scene where once again my victim is on the floor being used by me as a piece of furniture. He knows his place and has to just lie there while I relax on him and laugh at him while I show off for the camera. Finally Im on top of him on the bed taking my just rewards and using his face while I perform a victory pose and talk down to him.

If you want to see a man on his back being taunted and humiliated by a superior woman this clip will suit you down to the ground.

Not to mention plenty of sexy panty facesitting!

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videvan 2 months ago

Lily, you are cute, sexy, hot and fantastic wrestler. You really know how subdue men !!!!

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Lily 2 months ago

Thank you, videvan. I love beating a man up! xxxx

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