ScissorFoxes 09 Dec 2022

Sadie Rose - Knockout Machine 11


We have a new KO record on ScissorFoxes! Sadie Rose has been on a small hiatus and now that she's back, she was determined to come out with a bang. Jay made the mistake of presenting our "Knockout Machine" series to her, which she was more than excited to do. He told her she can knock him out as many times as she wants in 10 minutes and not to stop no matter what he said or did. Those are the words he would immediately regret. As you may know, Sadie's videos are some of the most brutal we've ever featured. Her Pressure Gauge probably tops them all, until now. Our previous KO record was 15 held by Damazonia in "The Knockout Waiver 7". Sadie managed to squeeze in 16 knockouts within the 10 minutes, barely giving Jay any time to recover between each one. She was on a mission and even when Jay was begging her to stop and wanted to quit participating, she did as instructed and continued her barrage of knockouts. You don't want to miss this!

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