Lily 19 Jul 2021

A Sexy Elimination


I’m going to sit on his face and eliminate him by smothering him, in fact more than half the video is me teasing and tormenting him as I smother him with my pussy and bottom. I’m wearing ultra-sheer pantyhose which means he will see my pussy on his face as I finish him. But first I savagely beat him up, starting by kicking him in the balls, real kicks! Then I knee him in the balls until he's doubled over, lock my hands together and crash them on his neck and knock him to the floor.  

Before he can recover, I stand over him, shove my stilettoed heel into his neck and dislocate his left arm in a nasty arm bar. He screams in pain and I sit astride his neck then roll into a tight headscissor. Look at his purple face in the pictures and you can see me punishing him. I hold this and torment him then tighten the headscissor even more and knock him out.

While he’s out, I tightly tie his legs so I can torment and smother him. As he wakes up, I take his right arm and flip him over in wake gatame and damage his wrist and dislocate his elbow. His moans of pain just make me wet. With his arms useless, I roll him on his back and sit on his face in a reverse smother with his nose in my bottom and my pussy on his mouth. There is a delicious close up view of my pussy smothering his mouth as I reach down and tighten my hands around his throat. Then I slowly knock him out with my pussy and bottom loving that he can’t move his arms or legs.

When he wakes up I sit on his face in a schoolgirl pin smother with the tiny gusset of my pantyhose covering his nose and my bottom covering his mouth. I torment him by grabbing his left wrist and cruelly damaging it as he screams into my pussy which is becoming very, very wet. He looks up in pain and I laugh at him then tighten up the smother and knock him out. Unable to resist, he makes little noises as I cut off his breathing with my pussy and he fades.

I move back slightly when he’s out and as he wakes again, I make him beg me to let him go before I resume my favourite position sitting fully on his face. Now I let him know that I’m going to finish him off and I move his arms up and tightly pin them inside my thighs. This is such a dominant facesitting pin and with his damaged arms he can only look up into my eyes as I start to orgasm on his face.

There is a lovely closeup from behind me of my bottom completely moulded around his mouth preventing him from breathing at all. To complete the smother, his nose is pressing into my pussy as I use it to increase my orgasm. I stay sitting fully on his face and as he expires under me, my orgasm reaches its climax and I shudder in ecstasy. I stay right on his face until my orgasm finishes then check his pulse and get up and leave him there on the floor!

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videvan 6 months ago

Lily is cute, sexy and dangerous. Lily turn me on !!!

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Lily 6 months ago

That's cool, videvan, and thank you. xxxx

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