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ROM Fight #5 Roxana v Sandra


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Roxana was part of a duo that kicked off Dulce's reign as queen of catfight recruitment in beautiful Villavicencio.
There was a small event on a farm and Roxana displayed a quiet no-nonsense style and a full array of attacks. She had cute breasts and pretty feet and long sexy hair. She had a Native American look and so she was an easy pick as a participant in each event held in VV. She disappeared but came back from the ashes of Dulce's disintegration. First she showed up as a fighter with a very happy look, being back where she belonged. Then she was a recruiter and match promoter. Things move quickly in VV, I've seen it first hand. Roxana presented Sandra recently when I was asking for mature ladies who would fight on the rough side. Sandra joined the fights with relish and took on Dangerous Dulce. This fight showed Sandra respond to Roxana's taunts and hard hits and it was a pleasure to edit. I hope you like mature ladies punching, slapping and acting unladylike, because there are 20 full minutes of that here.

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