kinksports 11 Nov 2023

Introducing Yesenia Model by Day Mixed Wrestler by Night

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A runway model standing 5'11" and weighing 128 pounds, Yesenia has long legs that can kill. She is the Latina version of Xenia Onatopp ("Yesenia! I can't breath!"). She would definitely make a great assassin, seducing men into bed before trapping them with her thighs and squeezing them to death.

One of the newest grappling models at, Yesenia recently competed in our Sand Mixed Wrestling Tournament. Her first match against Kevin is now streaming in the membership area and more of her matches will be released soon.

You can join the members area by going here:

Her first match versus Kevin is also available to purchase at our online store:

In addition to her participating in the tournament, she also ended up wrestling Kevin and his girlfriend Laura B. at the tournament after party. Those matches will be released soon as well in the membership area and for solo purchase.

We're looking forward to having more wrestling matches and strength challenges with Yesenia in the coming months, and if you're interested in having a shot at wrestling her yourself, make sure to follow us as we will be having a fans wrestling retreat weekend in Spring 2024.

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Bebo_Xenon 8 months ago

too hot and sexy

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MartialArtsLover43 8 months ago

Amazing girl !

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