Hotfighters 11 May 2024

Infiltration – Agent Sonya


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In this video you will see a battle between three queens.
Sonya is an experienced commando who likes to punish.
She was tasked with infiltrating a mercenary base to obtain confidential information. The territory of the base, where Sonya must go, is guarded by two guards, Alisa and Nastya.
Alice is one of the guards. She is extremely confident in her fighting powers and likes a flashy fighting style with lots of kicks. But she is too self-confident and thinks that her skills are much better than they really are.
Nastya is another bodyguard. She is a better fighter than Alice and a bit more serious. She is attracted to Alice and Alice knows it and teases her. There is an interesting connection between the girls.
Will Sonya accomplish her mission?

The video has good fight choreography, and there are also several punches in the groin, broken necks, and fake blood.

You will get 18:27 min video

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