ScissorFoxes 07 Sep 2021

Beatrix - Scissor Challenge 287


This is by far our most competitive and possibly most entertaining Scissor Challenge to date. Beatrix stands at 6 feet tall and her long muscular legs prove to be impossible to escape. Her male opponent tries harder than we’ve ever seen anyone try before to escape her reverse headscissor but fails time and time again. You can tell he’s doing everything in his power to pry those legs apart, even lifting her off of the ground but he’s no match for Beatrix. This girl is a sexy powerhouse with an incredible ass to be trapped in between. He tries to tap out numerous times but Beatrix won’t have it. She just thrusts his neck, pulsing and sometimes thrashing him up and down while holding him tightly between her thighs. We applaud his efforts but Beatrix comes out a true winner. Her victim collapses of exhaustion while she strikes her victory pose, showing off her amazing physique. Who’s up for the challenge?

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pussypower44 8 days ago

her deadly pleasure

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