ScissorFoxes 14 Jan 2022

Savannah Fox - Xenia Onatopp: Jungle Erotica


Savannah Fox’s take on Xenia Onatopp has been amazing and we were so excited to finally get her to do the jungle scene. This is certainly one of her best videos yet. Everything from her Russian accent, her sexy outfit, her bootylicious reverse and countless rib crunching bodyscissors makes this one worth every penny. You can tell she put a lot of love into this character and gets better every time. We should also mention how great Shawn Fox is as Bond who has done it many times for us now. Together, they have incredible chemistry. Xenia deploys from a helicopter, landing on Bond with her legs tightly wrapped around his waist. She delivers a slew of punishment including punches, kicks, stomps, headscissors and of course bodyscissors. As in the movie, we end with the famous scene which sees Xenia crushing Bond’s ribs mercilessly in a standing bodyscissor, only this time, he doesn’t make it out alive. Xenia fans are in for a real treat!

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