ScissorFoxes 09 Feb 2024

Goddess Jess - FetCon KO Aftermath


At Fetish Con 2023, Nick was not prepared for what was going to happen to him. Goddess Jess casually walked by him at the pool and agreed to put him in a reverse headscissor. Within seconds, Nick was out like a light, but Jess didn't notice. In fact, she struggled to shake him out of it. Later that evening back at their hotel, Jess was so revved up by what she did earlier, she really wanted to do it again. Nick was totally wiped out, but this did not stop her. She gently ties his wrists behind his back and proceeds to practice her knockouts on him. Nick begs her to stop, but she is on cloud 9 and on a mission. Hold after hold, she knocks Nick out, and there's nothing he can do about it. She uses headscissors, sleeper-holds and hand-over-mouth. Goddess Jess is super hot, super strong, and we guarantee you're going to love this late night knockout session.

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