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mass muscle videos 23 Jul 2022

Macho challenge


Debra D'andrea 5'8" 165lbs bodybuilder, wrestler scissors!!

Debra D'andrea the sexy, sensual, AGGRESSIVE, human wrecking machine is back to tantalize and excite once again in this non-stop hard competitive wrestling action.

All of you that have seen Debra go at it full on in a competitive match, knows she is no one to take to lightly, this girl can FIGHT!! This video she shows just how tough and competitive she really is.

This guy didn't know what hit him right from the very start of this match up. Debra just completely overwhelms him with her speed, strength, and aggressiveness, and gains many submissions off of this guy.

Lots of great grapevine smother holds, unreal head scissors, ( Debra has a MEAN squeeze) combination holds and just pure brutality best depicts this exciting action.

After Debra has him completely helpless and overwhelmed, she begins her onslaught of sensual seductive wrestling that all of you by now know. All of this topless and as sensual and erotic as seen before with allot of humping and grinding and chest smothering that Debra is now certainly known for

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