ScissorFoxes 16 Sep 2022

Jolene Hexx - My Ex-Girlfriend Goes Scissor Crazy


Jolene knocks this one out of the park and deserves an award for this. Her portrayal of a crazy ex-girlfriend brutally scissoring her ex-boyfriend over something as trivial as the responsibilities of their shared dog is priceless. Maybe some of you can relate and have had something similar happen to you. Either way, Jolene completely loses it on him and reminds him of the kind of pain she can inflict with her long strong legs. He’s quickly reminded of how scary she can be and why they broke up in the first place. We’ve never seen so much anger and ferocious squeezing. We couldn’t even imagine being on the receiving end of those scissors. Jolene shows a wide range of emotions while crushing her ex mercilessly. She goes from seeing red to remembering some of the good times then finally showing regret when she accidentally goes too hard and knocks him out with her reverse headscissors. She feels terrible and shakes his head to wake up. She offers to stick around and watch a movie as they cuddle on the couch. I think he’s much too terrified to say no to Jolene. Wouldn’t you be?

Full video here

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