jobberboy 04 Jun 2021

Mikayla Miles vs JB


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The world famous 6 foot 4 inch Mikayla Miles takes on 6 foot JB. this is the first opponent that is taller than JB. He thinks that he can try to intimidate his amazon opponent with some trash talk. JB and Mikayla try to tie up but JB fakes the first attempt. Mikayla uses her reach advantage to keep JB at bay and floors him with a slap from her huge hand. She applies a lethal body scissors with those super long legs, all the while taunting and teasing JB.

She stomps on his juicy booty and applies a surfboard and a camel clutch to the pathetic Jobberboy. She makes him kiss her beautiful size 15 feet. She continues to taunt our pathetic Jobberboy. She throws him into the wall and smothers him with that incredibly sexy foot. He falls to the mat. She picks him up by his purple booty shorts and applies a bearhug. She picks up JB like a rag doll and hits him with an amazon DDT leaving him as an erotic convulsing jobber mass. She finishes him off with a sleeper and an OTS lift and carry of his lifeless jobber body.

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raymondwhite903 6 months ago

FYI, virtually all KOs filmed by producers in the past 5 or so years are fake, they may look good but understand you are being lied to about their veracity. More info here:

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jobberboy 6 months ago

I never claim that my KOs are real. In fact the # is fantasy wrestling which means fake.

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