ScissorFoxes 10 Jun 2022

Skylar Rene - Knockout Machine 6


Skylar Rene is an absolute Knockout Machine! Watch her as she knocks Eddy out 5 times with complete precision. Over the years, she has fine-tuned her scissors and can have you seeing stars within seconds. In this case, she toys with her prey letting him know that any second, she can knock his ass out. Can you imagine being trapped between Skylar's big strong thighs, unable to escape no matter what you did, and her goal is to knock you out as many times as she wants? As soon as her glutes constrict, it's lights out!! She holds her knockouts extra long to make sure he's out and counts down each of them until she reaches her favorite number 5. First is a reverse headscissor off of the couch which looks really hot! Second is a front headscissor. Third is a reverse figure-4 which is quite rare. The fourth one is quite intense as she holds a figure-4 extra long until he has foam on his lips. Lastly is a reverse on the ground which she is an expert at; and it shows. This is by far one of Skylar's greatest videos yet, and she is a Knockout Machine. The question is, are you brave enough to find out?

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robert3053 2 years ago

Does any of these women read these? I sure would love to take that guy's place!

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bikiniwrestlingtube 2 years ago

Too much to handle!

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2 years ago

crushing machine,her body is a weapon of massive destruction

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