Lily 26 Dec 2020

A preview of Sexy Wrestling and Facesitting


I am the lady next door to a man who has just moved into his house. I come over to meet him and while I’m there tell him I am a wrestler and maybe we could practice wrestling. I don’t really give him any chance to say no and he tries to be friendly to me and agrees. I immediately whip my dress off revealing a soft, silky black one-piece swimsuit ideal for wrestling and grab him in a headlock.

I am a very experienced, very strong lady wrestler and he has no chance of getting out of the headlock. My strong arms compress his neck and he is made to tap his submission – there will be many submissions from him! I let his neck free and transition to a headscissor with me sitting on the sofa and him on his knees in front of me. His face is buried in my pussy and he tries to sit up and struggle but I lift myself off the sofa, slip his head lower down my thighs and arch my back and pour on the pressure. I laugh as he groans in pain with my thighs wrapped around his head and his face and taunt him as he submits again.

A roll of my hips and I take him down to the floor and as he tries to fight me off I sit on his neck and grab his arms in a double arm bar. He is helplessly pinned and I apply pressure to his joints. While he moans in pain and tries to submit, I sit on him and taunt him further. Once I know his arms are useless, I accept his submission and before he can recover move his arms up by his head and pin them tightly inside my thighs while I sit on his face in a perfect schoolgirl pin smother. A long five count pin follows while I smother him the whole time.

He’s quite hypoxic and I dismount and flip him over on his belly. I put him in a hammerlock and use my other hand to push his face into the carpet. The strength in my arms allows me twist his arm and obtain a submission while I sit on his back and pin him. My poor victim is suffering as I grab his legs and torment him in a very dominant boston crab. I sit down on his back and apply the pressure and he has to tap again.

I drop his legs and continue with my overwhelming attack on him and put him in a reverse figure four leg lock. I compound it by twisting his ankle and enjoy hearing him groan as I lean over him and apply pressure. Another tap submission follows and I flip him over onto his back for some ass smothering. His whole body is in pain as I sit on his face and wriggle his nose into my bottom. I pull my bottom cheeks apart and settle down on his face with his nose right between my bottom cheeks. I’ve sneakily grapevined his arms and he is completely helpless under me, just as a good man should be! A couple of minutes of exquisite torment of his arms while I smother him and I let him submit to me.

This is a beaten man but I’m not finished with him by a long way and transition into a rear head scissors, locking his wrists under my arms as I tighten my thighs around his head. I taunt him with another pin count while I torment his head with my thighs and laugh at his discomfort. I have plans for him so I gradually increase the pressure and take great delight in hearing him moan as I knock him out.

While he’s out, I tie his legs up so he can’t move them and then mount his face for the piece de resistance. I fold his arms between my thighs and calves and settle down trapping them as if in a vice. He wakes up and can only look up at me as I sit right on his face and look down at him and taunt him. He is completely and utterly helpless and for the next eight minutes I sit on his face smothering him. There is nothing he can do as I make him submit with his nose in my pussy and my bottom on his mouth. Then I do a long ten count pin and smother him for most of it, telling him how strong I am and doing some sexy victory poses for the camera.

I can see in his eyes that he is completely beaten and I move fully onto his face for one more submission from him, a submission full of taunts from me. I make him mumble into my pussy that I’m stronger than him, that I’m better than him and several other belittling taunts.

In the end I let his arms free and nonchalantly tell him, “See you tomorrow.”

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