xteyg 21 Feb 2024

liz: administering judo (lusa) AI upscaled


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arnie123 2 months ago

wowww..i need Liz in my life

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michelbobby 2 months ago

Magnificent!! Look at 1:47 how easily she throws her opponent as if he were a "straw man." Look, for example, at 2:17 to see Liz's left thigh muscles contract, and the beauty of her feminine and strong body at the same time. I love Liz's shiny green bikini, and the fact that her naked body (dressed only in this little bikini) contrasts perfectly with her young opponent's kimono which is very expressive. And many other great moments: 2.47; 3.17; 6.30; 7.20 and other sublime sequences

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MartialArtsLover43 2 months ago

Liz is a real Tigress and a good BJJ woman!!!

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