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BOSS BOXER Christina Carter vs Dee Williams Topless/Nude Boxing


Full video:

This video was produced in early fall 2023 during an all-boxing shoot with buxom favorites DEE WILLIAMS and CHRISTINA CARTER, and was a custom project for a European collector.

CC and Dee start out barefoot in shiny boxing shorts for their fight on behalf of their patron, whose name is frequently invoked throughout the feature as they flex and show off for the camera, then settle down to a couple of rounds of face, tit and belly pounding (and knockdowns).

No serious (makeup) damage results in this first portion of the fight, but one top-heavy boxing babe suffers an apparent knockout defeat, with her rival stripping off her shorts to keep as a trophy.
But there is an immediate demand for a continuation of the fight, and just to keep things even, a challenge (accepted) for the next rounds to be fought with both women nude!

The naked rematch sees the tide of battle turn in favor of the gal who took a beating in the first rounds, and after sending her rival down for the ten count the winner poses and flexes for the client.

Fantasy boxing, JMR style with just a dash of makeup effects.

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