Lily 13 Dec 2020

A Preview of Teach My Husband a Lesson


I’ve been asked to wrestle a woman’s husband and to work him over with wrestling locks, headscissors and schoolgirl pin smothers. She has tried to wrestle him but he always cheats and wins then gloats about it so she wants revenge. The wrestle will be filmed so she can use it to taunt him herself.

He and I shake hands and I immediately take him down with am arm bar and stand over him with my foot pressing into his back while I disable his right arm. He’s lying on his stomach completely helpless with my stiletto pushing hard into his back as I hyperextend his elbow and wrist so he won’t be able to use that arm. I force him to submit but continue the hold to humiliate him and make him submit again.

I drop his now useless right arm to the floor and he tries to fight with his left arm but I’m too fast and take it in another armbar. I sit over him with his damaged arm pinned under my stiletto and work on his elbow. He’s again helpless under me and tries to submit but I don’t let him. Eventually I do and then transition to a side headscissor.

Some delicious, tight squeezing for a while makes him submit again but I cruelly continue, taunting him until I knock him out, rolling him onto his stomach as I do. When he wakes, I sit on his back and fold his legs into a figure four and then pour on the pressure. This is very painful and he moans a submission immediately. No way am I stopping yet and I keep pulling back on his leg causing him to moan and submit again.

I turn around on his back and get him in a camel clutch before he knows what’s happening. I’m sitting on his back with my feet hooked around his arms pulling his head back hard until he grimaces in pain. Of course, I force him to submit and then sit on the back of his head and roll into a rear headscissor. With my thighs tightly wrapped around his jaw I can cause him excruciating pain and that’s just what I do as I force him to grovel to me while I torture him. He’s being systematically beaten up by a stronger, faster wrestler who happens to be a woman and I’m loving it!

I again make him submit and then immediately overwhelm him in hadaka jime or RNC. Now I play with him like a cat with a mouse as I tighten up the hold until his face turns dark and he’s right on the edge of passing out and then I loosen it briefly. He slightly recovers and I do it again… and again… and again… and again. You can see his face get progressively darker as I continue the torture. This is one of my favourite ways of owning a man and I keep going until I decide to knock him out.

When he wakes up, I sit on his neck and quickly move forward until I’m sitting on his nose and mouth, smothering him. I move his arms up beside his head and inside my thighs so he can’t move and then I settle on his face. No mercy, no submissions accepted and no air, just me sitting wriggling on his face with his nose buried in the damp little gusset of my pantyhose and my bottom on his mouth.

I keep him just awake like this as I tease, taunt, torment and torture him. To show him he’s been beaten by a woman, I do a pin count of ten as I sit on his face wiggling my pussy. Finally, I tell him I’m going to knock him out and once he’s faded, I leave him on the floor for his wife to return and do what she wants to him!

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