Lora Lady2fight
Lora Lady2fight 24 May 2023

"School Daze. Episode 2" from Lady2fight

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Lora seduces the principal. Lora convinces him that he WANTS to spend the whole weekend at her home; doing her chores, washing her clothes, polishing her heels and finishing her school reports. After that she meets her gym teacher who thinks he can ambush Lora. So Lora proves he is no match for her. Finally, a substitute teacher for Math class insists on ‘STRICT’ obedience. He doesn’t like the look on Lora’s face and insists the she sit in the corner to make an example of her. Lora teaches her fellow students a new math formula: ‘kicks times slaps to the female power of one = total humiliation.

Watch the Full video here: https://lady2fight.com/product..../school-daze-episode

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Product length: 18 minutes

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pussypower44 4 months ago

naughty,and lethal LORA

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