ScissorFoxes 19 Sep 2023

Antscha - Destroyer of Men 24


It's been too long since we've featured Antscha on our site, and we were happily surprised when she reached out to us and said she had the perfect video for ScissorFoxes, filled with tons of panic and knockouts. We eagerly waited for her to send it to us, and she blew our expectations. Antscha looks better than ever, and she held nothing back. She ignored her victim's taps for long periods of time, which often resulted in a knockout. Her sweaty thighs show off the definition of her muscles, realizing just how much trouble he's really in. Antscha throws him around like a rag doll and quickly locks on hold after hold. His head turns various shades of purple between her vise grip legs. You can hear the anguish as he's being crushed. He tries to tap repeatedly, but Antscha just laughs and keeps squeezing. He also pinches her leg, something we at ScissorFoxes use as a last resort safety measure, but even that gets neglected. Antscha, was right. This is exactly what ScissorFoxes fans need to see, and she proves once again just how lethal her scissors really are.

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