GirlsFightCentral 21 Sep 2023

JAMES vs XENA competitive wrestling


Full video:

James and XENA meet during a session.
A session ? The word « massacre » would perhaps be better suited here... They had already faced each other a few months earlier at Antscha during an event. This video was made on a tripod and consists of a static shot, since it was filmed during a session. XENA is dressed in a gorgeous bikini. Even if she struggles and sweats, she will always remain very jovial, smiling and of course very strong ! James likes competitive matches, preferably with a big disadvantage and this time, as usual, he won't be disappointed. Yes, he's not going to escape it. XENA is going to make him undergo a real humiliation, which he will remember for a long time! It won't be a merciless match but we're not far away... James is no match for XENA. Morevover this match is part of a series of several others for a total of 2 hours of competitive session, filmed just for your pleasure, the pleasure of your eyes ! Yes, you will be able to admire XENA manhandling James, he who is already very tired by the pretty and formidable wrestler. She will show that she masters many holds to perfection: facesitting, head scissors, arm lock, strangulations and many others ! You thought you knew what the expression “to be destroyed” means ? Impossible until you have seen this video!

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